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LORENAPROM LOZNICA constructs, develops and produces packaging materials that are 100% recycled and reused..

With our partners
we constantly explore and develop new materials, shapes and solutions

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We mostly do our business in the market of the Republic of Serbia.
In twenty-five years of existence, Lorenaprom has grown into one of the biggest companies in this area of production.
It is characterized by quality of products, flexibility, meeting deadlines and respecting agreements.
In the last several years, we invested in new equipment, storage space, as well as in our business premises.
We can freely declare that we function as a packaging service.
You are invited to become our business partner and check the quality for yourself.
Our constant efforts to improve the process of production made us reach an admirable level of technological equipment and productivity.
During the years of business, Lorenaprom became a significant name in the field of manufacturing cardboard boxes on the territory of Serbia, but also outside its borders.
Our products are imported in the countries of the region, mostly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.

NEWS from our production

The main goal is to fulfill needs of our customers


Quality policy is an integral part of overall business strategy of Lorenaprom, the company certified for manufacturing cardboard and plastic packaging.
The policy is based on setting, applying, maintaining and constant improving of the market oriented business system, on the principles of management by quality, with the goal to completely satisfy demands, needs and expectations of users and other interested entities.
Quality policy is fulfilled relying on the following settings:
- Concerning quality, our services completely fulfill the needs of our customers ,
- We have set such a working environment so that our employees are aware that everything they do needs to be done according to the documented procedures and instructions, that their work is monitored and controlled, that they will be awarded for their good work, that their demands are respected and fulfilled which creates conditions to fully benefit from individual talent, knowledge and creativity. We constantly work on development and improvement of the company by applying the work organization which provides conditions needed for a normal process.
- We provide conditions for constant supervision and control of the execution of work,
- We provide necessary human resources by creating conditions for executing decisions for particular types of work,
- We do our best to make our products better in quality when compared to the competition,
- We maintain good relationship with our suppliers by giving them clear and precise demands and specifications, evaluating their quality according to different parameters and giving them information about that,
- We accept and answer to all demands imposed by the environment, such as legal, economic, safety, ecological, and other.

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  • Address: Vojvode Stepe 43, Loznica, Serbia

  • Tel.: +381 15 7889 991, Faks: +381 15 7889 444, mob.: +381 63 255 718

  • Email: lorena1@open.telekom.rs

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