Cardboard packaging

Corrugated cardboard packaging includes the production of boxes in all thicknesses and qualities of cardboard (microwave, small and large wave, five-layer) in the US variant (classic boxes) and in the punch variant (collapsible boxes, automatic packing boxes, etc.). be with multi-color printing.

Polypropylene boxes

Its main advantage is its versatility that allows for a wide range of usability. Considering the wide range of temperature limits, its usability is even greater. Natural reflection of water and the ability to add additives to the base polymer increase usability - the packaging is suitable for bad weather and is resistant to chemical compounds. Watertightness and the special nature of chemical bonds make cardboard-resistant packaging resistant to acids, alkaline salts, bacteria, molds and algae. According to these facts, packaging products are treated as products that require high hygiene standards. The use of cardboards guarantees complete recycling at the end of the life of each product. Recycled (recycled product) can be reused in the production of new panels or new products. The result is less waste and pollution. Our company is aware that recycling is not only a process but also an investment in a better environment in the future.


Foams can be processed to your liking, but can be used in combination with our packaging.
Various protective foams (18-140kg / m³) can be incorporated into our packaging to further protect your product.
• ESD foam for protection of electrical components
• lightweight foam to protect lighter products
• heavy foam for protecting heavy objects
• combinations of thermally bonded foams
• self-adhesive foams
• Xp-foams for protecting abrasion sensitive products
• sound and thermal insulation foam
Smart polyethylene packaging is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and offers a wide range of different packages, especially suitable for protecting sensitive surfaces from mechanical damage during the production phase or during product transport. The packaging is lightweight, flexible and easy to use.

Polyethylene cross-linked
Cross-linked polyethylene is a closed cell polyethylene foam. Due to its specific structure, it gives the product an aesthetic appearance and extreme protection. This foam complements our materials well and is suitable for packaging the most sensitive products that must be delivered to our customers without any scratches, stains, stains, etc. The foam comes in different densities and thicknesses.

Expanded Polyethylene
The expanded polyethylene packaging format is the perfect solution for packaging products that require special protection. It is made of closed cell foam polyethylene which provides excellent protection of sensitive areas from mechanical damage and goes well with our products. The format is lightweight, lightweight and easy to use. By its use, closed cell polyethylene is one of the polymeric materials produced in various forms

Creative packaging

Our R&D department was established in 2014 in Koper
Partnership with K.M.K box was a logical continuation of our company's business policy.
New solutions that will result in cost-effective packaging solutions for our customers and packaging customers are the foundation for the development center.
We are aware that knowledge is the only good that guarantees the existence of a business in the long run.
Our R&D department pursues goals such as creativity in packaging design - the use of different materials and the environmental orientation of the product.